Reta H. Hierholzer Consulting
Reta H. Hierholzer Consulting
Experienced, International Fractional CFO
for Corporate Multinationals, SMEs, and Startups
About the Company
30 years international experience in Europe
Finance. Strategy. Leadership.
I provide Fractional CFO services for all business sizes. Whether it is a financial, strategic or leadership challenge, I am passionate about solving problems and finding a path forward, particularly when a situation is complex or vulnerable.

My professional experience includes 24 years in Corporate Finance and Strategy (publicly traded) followed by 6 years working with SMEs and Startups across industries.

This unique combination of skills - achieving objectives in the political matrix of a corporate or in the hands-on day-to-day of a startup - allows me to rapidly add value to many situations.
My Services
I believe that every business challenge can be overcome.
I deliver with excellence & inspire teams to do the same.
I am a proponent of open, direct, & respectful communication.
I know that people are the absolute key to a company's success.

I also know that financial leadership at the right moment is critical.
Interim Management
I remain with one company to fulfil the CFO or other leadership role on an interim basis.

This allows me to provide guidance and leadership during periods of restructuring, bring comfort and clarity to the board of directors, or simply ensure continuity during resourcing gaps.
Fractional CFO
I provide 'enough' financial and strategic leadership before a company is ready for a full-time CFO.

This includes basic financial discipline and liquidity management, building financial processes and teams, strategising with management, identifying opportunities to restructure the P&L, and so on.
Projects & Workshops
I deliver specific projects or strategic workshops.

Examples include navigating an audit, building a budget, designing basic financial processes, preparing a data room for due diligence, building financial models, liaising with investors, running a workshop to bring strategic clarity, and so on.
Why Choose Me?
All business sizes
Deep experience across Corporate Multinationals (also publicly traded), SMEs and Startups.
Industry agnostic
Effective across industries - MedTech, Biotech, FinTech, Lending, SaaS, & ESG projects so far.
Lead pan-European teams & initiatives since 20+ years. German B1+ level.
Believe the best finance person is one who can talk to (and hear) every function relevant to the success of the business.
Empowering leader
Lead geographically-dispersed & cross-functional teams to deliver consistently and with excellence.
Able to find the right path to solve your challenges while remaining within your budget!
Think you might need help? Let's talk!
I'm happy to discuss any financial, strategic or leadership challenge you're facing. Please submit the form below or reach out directly via email. Let's see if I can help you!
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